Aims of labour market policy

 Main processes / Aims / Indicators

Main processes Aim of labour market policy Indicator

Labour Market Targets 2009 Indicators Monitoring parameters
Services for job-seekers: Early intervention in support of young and older people

number of entries into LTU of unemployed persons/ apprenticeship seekers > 6 months, outflow of older people (> 45/50 years) into work within 6 months of registration

sustainability of employment number of entries into LTU (>12 months)
  Integrate long-term jobless into the labour market outflow of long-term jobless into work number of job entries of long-term unemployment (12 months), sustainability of employment
  Improve effectiveness of training measures outflow into work of job-seekers within 3 months after training sustainability of employment
Services for enterprises:
Increase market share
- number of new vacancies with job specification "completed apprenticeship or higher qualification"
- vacancies filled including apprenticeship
number of conducted preselections
Strengthening labour market chances of women Facilitate re-entry into the labour market after parental leave outflow into work or inflow to training
of women
ratio of women/men in qualification measures (budget, persons), sustainability of employment
Promote adaptability of labour force
Deployment of social partners´ and governments´ programmes
Inflow into special programmes (metallurgy, regional demands, engineering for women) effectivity rate (within 3 month after training)