Gender Mainstreaming in the AMS

Promoting the equality policy of men and women on the labour market is a legally regulated assignment. Objectives/goals of the equality policy are

  • Increasing the labor participation of women
  • Increasing the employment of women
  • Providing equal chances for men and women to all professions and positions/Reducing the deviations in income.

Services offered by the AMS

In general there are two target groups: Job-seekers and Enterprises. The AMS provides

  • Information (on the labour market - professions)
  • Counselling (support for individual problems - counselling to enterprises)
  • Support Educational measures - counselling services - qualification courses - employment (social economic enterprises)

Special support for women

Girls, women in the reentry process, older women, female migrants

Special services for women

  • Information: videos, brochures/maps, internet
  • Counselling: Specific guidance for girls with non-traditional career aspirations
  • Specific career advancement: Offers for employment orientation, qualification courses
  • Cooperation with other counselling services for women, strategic partnerships, networking

Long-term program for women

As a contribution to the achievement of the equality goals a long-term program for women as part of the labour market politics had been developed. The program is divided into two categories:

„Women in (hand)craft and technique (FIT)“   
With the quality program FIT AMS is actively working on breaking up the professional segregation on the labour market and - by doing so - decreasing the existing income gap between men and women. In the year 2007 the provision of information to clients and the cooperation with companies had been reinforced. Stability and continuity of the participation is assured by a consequent support and assistance of the program members during the whole process.

„Supporting reentry“
An active and supportive attitude as well as the provision of easy access to information should facilitate the early planning of reentry into the labour market. With the program “Supporting reentry” AMS is setting standards for offering information, counselling and guidance for the reintegration of women within all RGS. Furthermore, the reentry is encouraged by specific AMS facilitation subsidies. Each regional organisation developed additional services/benefits that contribute to the different time periods.