General information

The benefits paid under unemployment insurance to unemployed persons include especially


 Unemployment benefit


 unemployment assistance


 Advance pension payment


 Temporary assistance


 Transfer payment for older persons



To qualify for benefits the applicants must be unemployed, able and willing to work and have previously been in dependent contributory employment for a specified minimum duration. They also have to be ‘available’ to the labour market. There are specific qualifying conditions for the individual benefits. Applicants who fulfil these requirements are legally entitled to benefits.

Beneficiaries enjoy health insurance and in some cases accident insurance. Their dependants are also covered by health insurance. The duration of the benefits is credited as a qualifying period for retirement pensions. Beneficiaries are insured against accidents while participating in labour market policy schemes (employment foundations, training-unemployment benefit).

The rate of benefit largely depends on the recipient’s previous income in a legally defined working period.

The benefit departments in the regional offices determine and control eligibility for benefits.


Further benefits granted by the unemployment insurance of the AMS are


 further training allowance, benefits for employment promotion granted to employees under certain conditions.


granted to employers with older employees, who reduce their working hours under certain conditions.





Both benefits are part of the activating of the passive labour market budget. They are not paid out to unemployed but to employed persons.

Benefit claims and the payment of authorised benefits are dealt with by the regional offices of the AMS.