Working, Recruiting & Studying

General principles:
Our services are open to all persons and enterprises seeking advice on a voluntary basis. Services are provided free of charge. The AMS is bound to confidentiality, protection of privacy and impartiality.

Target groups of the Public Employment Service:


  • unemployed job-seekers
  • employed job-seekers
  • young people looking for apprenticeships
  • school-leavers facing a career choice


Employers (natural and legal persons) who want to co-operate with the AMS in:

  • exchanging information about labour demand and supply
  • canvassing and filling of vacancies
  • preventing unemployment
  • qualification, training and support measures

How to get in touch with the AMS:

Personal contact with the regional branch offices
(Note: service available in German only!)

EURES stands for European Employment Services and is a Europe-wide cooperation network. It is designed to promote the free movement of workers by providing advice, information and placement/recruitment services.
With EURES, everyone can benefit from our pan-European labour market.