How to find a job

Finding work
If you are looking for work in Austria, your first step should be to contact the public employment service of the country you are in. There, they can give you advice on finding a job in Austria. A EURES adviser will give advice and assistance to applicants looking for jobs, and to employers wishing to recruit personnel in another member state.

EURES advisers are available at

For EURES advisors in Austria click here.

  • Jobseekers in Austria are expected to actively seek work and use the self-help facilities on
  • Public employment offices have customer work stations, where you can browse job advertisements and find out more about jobs and employers.
  • Private recruitment agencies (see related Links) are permitted in Austria.
  • Newspapers advertise job vacancies.
  • Most companies have their own homepages on the Internet. Use the common search engines or the Yellow Pages.


Services and assistance for job-seekers by the AMS:


Support tools (online) for proactive job search, e.g. use of:

  • eJob-Room for job-seekers:
    placement platform (user account with storage of personal or company data, or search profile without individual user account)
  • Career Information System (BIS): 
    up-to-date list of professions including necessary qualifications on the AMS website
  • job application coach:
    Gives advice on how to write job applications in German.
  • If you cannot write your application in German, you can use the standard European format for CVs, which you will find here
  • database on further training

    Note: Services above available in German only!
Support and services in the regional branch offices:
  • touch screen computers: 
    self-service system, offering vacancies and other information
  • guidelines on how to prepare for job interviews
  • Career information centres (BIZ): 
    provide information on professions and types of education, both online and in brochure form, video library, cooperation with schools, offers to people changing jobs
  • In the regional branch offices:
    -information by telephone for job-seekers
    -information for groups
    -assistance plan, including identification of the goal and the necessary steps to be take


Labour Legislation
Employment in Austria is either on a permanent basis or for a limited term. Fixed-term employment is allowed for temporary (stand-in) positions or non-recurring projects. A trial period of employment for a maximum of 6 months is allowed in most collective bargaining sectors.

Employment conditions and other terms between employers and employees are regulated in Austria to a large extent through collective agreements between trade unions and employer organizations. A very high proportion of people working in Austria are trade union members.

Verbal employment contracts are valid, although in accordance with EU directives, employers must, within one month and in writing, inform the employee about their terms of employment. You are, however, strongly advised to obtain a written contract of employment before moving.

Working hours: 40 hours per week.
Legislated vacation time: minimum 25 working days.
Normal age of retirement: 65

More information can be found here.