Working, Recruiting & Studying

Our services are open to all persons and enterprises seeking advice on a voluntary basis. Services are provided free of charge. The AMS is bound to confidentiality, protection of privacy and impartiality.

Finding work

If you are looking for work in Austria, your first step should be to contact the public employment service of the country you are in. There, they can give you advice on finding a job in Austria. A EURES adviser will give advice and assistance to applicants looking for jobs, and to employers wishing to recruit personnel in another member state.

Services and assistance for job-seekers by the AMS:


Support tools (online) for proactive job search, e.g. use of:

Note: Services available in German language only.

Labour Legislation

Employment in Austria is either on a permanent basis or for a limited term. Fixed-term employment is allowed for temporary (stand-in) positions or non-recurring projects.

Employment conditions and other terms between employers and employees are regulated in Austria to a large extent through collective agreements between trade unions and employer organizations.

Verbal employment contracts are valid, although in accordance with EU directives, employers must, within one month and in writing, inform the employee about their terms of employment. You are, however, strongly advised to obtain a written contract of employment before moving.

  • Working hours: 40 hours per week.
  • Legislated vacation time: minimum 25 working days.
  • Normal age of retirement: 65


AMS offers services as information, counselling, filling of vacancies, assistance and benefits. In questions of filling vacancies, we offer you several services:

Note: Service available in German language only.

  • eJob-Room for enterprises:
    user account or search profile without individual user account
  • EURES – European Employment Services
  • job fairs: enterprises and job-seekers, direct selection of applicants
  • pre-selection: on request of the client, tailor-made filling of vacancies
  • actively offering job-seekers to enterprises having a foreseeable need for additional human resources
  • identifying qualifications and strategies to fill the respective vacancy
  • meetings with clients: in order to receive information on the actual demand for personnel
  • company visit: personal contact between AMS staff and the enterprise at the business location
  • counselling on alternative strategies to fill vacancies
  • guidance on possible subsidies
  • advisory service concerning planned dismissal of staff
  • functions related to the employment of foreigners

Vocational Counselling

The Career information centres (BIZ) provide information on professions and types of education, both online and in brochure form or a video library. They cooperate with schools and have offers to people who want to change jobs. The Career information centres are located in the regional branch offices of the AMS.

Services and support tools (online and offline):

Note: Services available in German language only.

  • Career Information System (BIS):
    up-to-date list of professions including necessary qualifications on the AMS website
  • If you cannot write your application in German, you can use the standard European format for CVs, which you will find here
  • database on further training
  • touch screen computers (self service system, offering vacancies and other information)
  • guidelines on how to prepare for job interviews
  • information for young people and adults concerning their future chances as well as training possibilities
  • self service system
  • folders, videos, multimedia-PCs

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